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Welcome to Backwoods Pursuit! We strive to bring you hard core, unbiased backcountry gear reviews and strategies of the gear we use.

Enjoy every moment you have in the great outdoors.  It’s not about the size of the trophy, but rather the relationships built pursuing our passion for the backcountry.

Gear Reviews

Tents On A Budget by Gabe Gerrish


In the tent review I cover multiple tents from entry level to some of the more “high end” options.  I cover what I liked and what I didn’t about each tent and cover some of the specs. 

Ultralight Sleeping Pad Review by Gabe Gerrish


A good ultralight sleeping pad is a vital piece to a good nights sleep in the backcountry.  In this review I compare the size thickness and values of a good sleeping pad as well as cover the likes and dislikes of each.

Lightweight Sleeping Bag Review


Here we talk about a handful of lightweight sleep systems. For this review, my intended use is September archery season here in Idaho, so you could have overnight temps in the 20s or in the 50s. 

Trekking Poles


A long time staple in the backpacking world.  Only in recent years have hunters really started to bring them along on their hunting trips.  Are they really worth the extra weight?  Do they really help that much, or are they just in the way?