Switching Camo


Over the course of history a great sacrifice has been placed at the alter of freedom. Men and women have fought valiantly and are willing at a moments notice to make the ultimate sacrifice! The Switching Camo Team has fought with these men and women and will continue to fight for them as well as along side them. Hunting can be a very healing experience for veterans past and present. We recognize that and take on the responsibility to both encourage and help soldiers get Outdoors! One camo pattern to another, we support our troops!

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Good Bull Outdoors


Good Bull Outdoors  donated a 16x20 photo print of their choice to each of the Hunting Story Giveaway winners.  In addition to the donations Good Bull Outdoors is giving a 20% discount on any print to those who submit a hunting story to the giveaway.  Send them and email or DM on Instagram and let them know you submitted a story to receive the discount.  

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Alpen Fuel


The Alpen Fuel Mission is simple - to be the best food resource for your backcountry adventures.  

In the summer of 2018 we were preparing for a weeklong backpacking trip in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana.  We wanted to try some healthy new food options from new backcountry brands.  But since there wasn't an online resource where we could efficiently get everything at once, we once again settled for whatever the local stores had on hand.  Does this sound familiar?  We figured there had to be a better way to quickly and economically purchase all of the food products needed for a backcountry trip.

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Valley To Peak Nutrition


Valley to Peak is a nutrition service provided by Registered Dietitians  whose aim is to help you accomplish whatever your goal is in the backcountry.  Our work is based on science and has been proven to enhance the performance of  everyone from mountain-based athletes to weekend warriors.  

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We are a TEAM of passionate hunters, backed by more than 22 years of top level strength, conditioning, endurance & nutrition coaching experience, combined with decades of experience in the outdoors.

We take pride in providing content that supports ethical, hard nosed hunting, fishing & conservation, including hunt specific training & nutrition advice, safe & results driven exercise demonstration, healthy recipes, motivation & gear recommendations thru our strong network of media outlets.

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